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Jan 29, 2019

Interior Design Trends That Will Emerge in 2019

Interior Design Trends That Will Emerge in 2019

Jan 29th, 2019

We recently attended the annual Home Design Trends seminar by the Washington Metropolitan Sales and Marketing Council. We wanted to share our key takeaways from the presentation by our friends at Designers at P Four.

Who knew that interior design trends start on the runway? It usually takes about six months to a year before the design trends from the fashion runaway reach the interior decor of homes. A few recent runway trends include burnished brass, golds and lots of warm tones. Here’s a look ahead to what 2019 may hold for interior design:

90% white, 10% color

Looking for a fresh, young look inside your home? Incorporate foundations of white with pops of bold color.


A few questions you may ask yourself when buying a new home and home decor: who are you buying from and are they sustainable? Finding a home that evokes emotion whenever you are in your space is important during your home search.

Feminine tones

These types of tones include blush, dusty pink, and a touch of bronze. We see this trend in the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral. Believe it or not, men respond positively to these colors as well.

Maximalist art

In your home, a gallery wall becomes large-scale art that can cover an entire wall effortlessly. It’s a dramatic way to create a memorable piece inside your living space.

Sustainable handmade pieces

These types of pieces includes a modest blend of modern art with old world pieces. These materials make it easy to fill your space with useful and beautiful accessories.

Rich color palettes

Dramatic statement pinks, yellow, or purples are still appealing to some over muted whites.

Pantone color of the year

Living Coral blended with other natural tones and whites will create a vibrant, yet mellow living space that will be sure to feel inviting to you and your guests.

Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Jan 29th, 2019

Tuxedo kitchen

A tuxedo kitchen includes black cabinets, islands, accents, and/or range hoods. This design paired with white walls creates the “tuxedo” look which offers a luxurious feel to your kitchen.

The Importance of Islands

Kitchen islands are the new sofa and are a very important design piece for this space. A large kitchen island offers great space and functionality. It’s a space for family gatherings, decor, food, and is an overall great asset to any kitchen.


Your backsplash is a significant focal point in the kitchen and there are countless design options for this feature. It’s good to remember that your choice of a backsplash, should mesh with the existing or future decor of this space.

Colorful Cabinets

Colored cabinetry is the way to go in 2019. Deep grey or washed blues can really give a deep coastal vibe to your kitchen area. This year, greens are in high demand for kitchen cabinetry, evoking earthy vibes where you coo

Vintage vibe

We’re seeing a lot of “old meets new” in kitchens this year. These older themed appliances or designs are a great decorative charm.

Mixed metals

Mixed metals in your kitchen and bathroom can create an approachable feel. Choose a cool base with tones that compliment each other. Great metals for your kitchen include chrome, copper with yellow gold, rose gold with stainless steel or any combination of the same.

As a creative agency with a long history of implementing strategic marketing for homebuilders and developers, we are firm believers that in addition to marketing, creative interior design/landscaping and beautiful photography are the second two most important investments that a company can make to set themselves up for success and strong homes sales right out the gate. If you’re looking for a strategic marketing partner to help tell your story and increase sales, we would love to share our success stories and explore how we can work together to drive more revenue for your company.

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