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Feb 25, 2020

GKA Trend Report for Real Estate Marketing

GKA Trend Report for Real Estate Marketing

The real estate market has enjoyed several years of growth, and experts expect it to remain strong in 2020. With home prices expected to rise 2.8% this year, and interest rates predicted to fall, there’s a healthy economy ahead. Take advantage of this competitive market with these trends as 2020 begins.

Top real estate marketing trends in 2020

As tech-savvy millennials become the largest segment of buyers, you can count on needing to stay relevant with your messaging mediums. As such, having an online presence and ensuring the homes you're selling are attractive to internet buyers is extremely important. Most of the following trends reflect this overarching fact.

A presence on Zillow

Zillow attracts nearly 200 million visitors per month. Their new program, Zillow Offers™ removes hassles for sellers while providing agents more options for their clients. Upon a preliminary cash offer, Zillow performs an in-person evaluation. To finalize, thThrough this process, they work with a Zillow Premier Agent to close the purchase. Once everything is complete, they resell the home using a Zillow Premier Agent.

Facebook Messenger ads

With the proliferation of spam blockers and trash filters, email marketing has gotten less efficient. A great way to get more conversions is advertising through Facebook Messenger. Studies have shown that Messenger ads get opened 242% more than emails, and your market can be highly targeted.

A focus on video content

Buyers have new expectations, and video content is high among them. This has been an ongoing trend during the past five years, but it is becoming a necessary offering. Up to 73% of sellers would choose to list with a real estate agent who incorporates video as a marketing strategy - because buyers care about them! Video goes beyond what photographs can capture and allows for a more intimate look at the property before a visit is scheduled. This is important since shoppers are trying to narrow down their options before stepping away from their tech.

Multi-pronged marketing

While digital marketing is becoming the dominant area of advertising for real estate professionals, we recommend using a blend of techniques. If a potential client sees that you're on all the websites, social media accounts, and in their real life mailboxes, they're going to remember you. When they do decide they need a real estate professional, you'll be top of mind.

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